Updating the Template Image of an Azure RemoteApp Collection

Following on from the post Using an Azure Virtual Machine as an Azure RemoteApp Template here is a short article on how to update the template image of an Azure RemoteApp collection.


A new corporate image has been provisioned with the latest Windows updates and a number of new corporate applications. This has been converted into a RemoteApp Template Image which now requires deploying to remote users. How do you update the Template Image of a collection without provisioning a new collection and reconfigure user access?

Updating the Template Image of a RemoteApp collection is a very easy process and can be achieved either via the GUI or PowerShell.

Using the GUI:

Browse to the RemoteApp service and select the collection that requires the Image updating. From the bottom menu click the Update button to initialise the Update RemoteApp collection Template Image wizard.

Once the Update RemoteApp collection Template Image wizard appears, select the new Template Image from the dropdown menu. Then choose how connected users are to be managed during the Image update.

There are two options:

  • Give users 60 minutes after the update. Selecting this option will send a popup message to all active users as soon as the RemoteApp collection has been updated, telling them to save their work and log off and back on. Any users that fail to follow the notice are automatically logged off after 60 minutes. Users can immediately log back on.
  • Sign users out immediately. Selecting this option will log off all users automatically without any warning as soon as the RemoteApp collection has been updated with the new template image. Users can immediately log back on. NOTE: If you choose this option, users might lose data.

Finally click on the tick icon to begin the update.

Once the RemoteApp collection has been updated with the new Template Image, open the collection and publish any new applications using the normal processes.


Via PowerShell:

To update the Template Image of a collection, use the following PowerShell command altering the RemoteApp collection name to the one that you wish to update and the name of the new Template Image.

Update-AzureRemoteAppCollection -Name <CollectionName> -ImageName <TemplateImage> -ForceLogoffWhenUpdateComplete

The RemoteApp PowerShell module has recently been updated with lots of new and updated cmdlets offering better administration. Below is a list of the cmdlets available since the latest update.

Basic RemoteApp Collection cmdlets:

  • New-AzureRemoteAppCollection
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppCollection
  • Set-AzureRemoteAppCollection
  • Update-AzureRemoteAppCollection
  • Remove-AzureRemoteAppCollection
  • Add-AzureRemoteAppUser
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppUser
  • Remove-AzureRemoteAppUser
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppSession
  • Disconnect-AzureRemoteAppSession
  • Invoke-AzureRemoteAppSessionLogoff
  • Send-AzureRemoteAppSessionMessage
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppProgram
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppStartMenuProgram
  • Publish-AzureRemoteAppProgram
  • Unpublish-AzureRemoteAppProgram
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppCollectionUsageDetails
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppCollectionUsageSummary
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppPlan

RemoteApp virtual network cmdlets:

  • New-AzureRemoteAppVNet
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppVNet
  • Set-AzureRemoteAppVNet
  • Remove-AzureRemoteAppVNet
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppVpnDevice
  • Get– AzureRemoteAppVpnDeviceConfigScript
  • Reset-AzureRemoteAppVpnSharedKey

RemoteApp template image cmdlets:

  • New-AzureRemoteAppTemplateImage
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppTemplateImage
  • Rename-AzureRemoteAppTemplateImage
  • Remove-AzureRemoteAppTemplateImage

Other RemoteApp cmdlets:

  • Get-AzureRemoteAppLocation
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppWorkspace
  • Set-AzureRemoteAppWorkspace
  • Get-AzureRemoteAppOperationResult


Hope this was of interest, even if short! 🙂

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