Adding Partner of Record to an Azure subscription

If you have been working with O365 for some time, one thing you would have come across would be the ability to add your company as the Partner of Record for your customers O365 tenancy.  This setting has made it across to Azure and it’s now possible to add yourself as Partner of Record within an Azure subscription. As you would imagine, it’s very straightforward to make this change.

1. The first step is to browse to and login.

2. Then click on the Subscriptions tab followed by the subscription that you wish to update the settings.

3. From here you will see the following menu displayed down the right hand side of the page.


4. Select Partner Information from the menu, this will popup the Partner Information dialog box.


5. Type your MPN ID into the Microsoft Partners ID box and click on the check to finalise the update.

I would recommend updating this wherever possible, however, although there is no impact on support or services that your customer get from Microsoft, it’s important to make sure they are happy for you to be the Partner of Record for their subscription. Longer term not only will it allow you to keep up to date with any communications between Microsoft and your customer but there are plans moving forward for Microsoft to use this to allow your customers Azure consumption to count towards competencies and so forth.

NOTE: This is being rolled out gradually and you may find the option is currently greyed out or missing in older subscriptions.

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