Renaming your Microsoft Azure Subscription

If you’re like me, since creating your Azure subscription the usage for it has changed and the name you originally gave the subscription does not best describe it.

Here is a quick post on how to rename your Azure subscription.

As with most things Microsoft, there are a number of ways of navigating around and accomplishing the same thing, here is one of them. From within your Azure management portal, click on Subscriptions on the top bar, this will drop down a menu from which you can select Manage your account. You will be required to input your username and password but this will then take you to Azure usage and billing.


Once inside Azure usage and billing, click on the subscription you wish to rename. In this example MDCAD MSDN. This will open the main summary page which will display the billing overview and breakdown for the chosen subscription.


On the right side of the Summary page you will see a small menu, (Image below) from here select Edit subscription details.


In the EDIT YOUR SUBSCRIPTION window, change the Subscription name to what is now required, then click on the tick to complete your changes.


Once all the changes have been made, your renamed subscription will be reflected in the usage and billing portal.


Back inside your Azure portal, the subscription name change will also be reflected.



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