Suggestion added to Azure Feedback Forums

Something that I have been asked about a couple of times during Azure workshops has been “Can we backup to Azure Backup directly from Azure Site Recovery?”

Clients that already replicate on-premises virtual machines to ASR, especially with limited internet bandwidth, would like the ability to backup directly to the backup vault from the replica copy of the virtual machine they have already seeded to Azure. Currently its necessary to setup a second seed to copy essentially the same data to a different location in Azure, one for ASR and one for the Backup Vault.

It seems an obvious suggestion to me, however the technicalities involved could be another thing. I imagine it depends how ASR stores the recovery images and as to whether its then possible to extract files for a file level restore should they be backup up to Azure backup.

I decided to add the suggestion to the Azure Feedback Forums and it will be interesting to see if there is any interest in the idea.

You can find the suggestion here if you want to vote or just check how its going Add Backup of VMs in ASR to Backup Vault


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