System Center

Installing Update Rollups to SCVMM in HA

I have been on a number of customer sites recently that have had System Center Virtual Machine Manager deployed as HA and were looking to install the latest Update Rollup. I have made note of the steps and the order, that has been suggested as the best in this scenario.

The first thing I would say is, wait at least a month before installing Update Rollups in your production environment. It has been known for Update Rollups to contain bugs and be called back. Assuming that the Update Rollup has been given chance to bed in, the following steps can then be used to deploy it.

  1. Backup the VMM DB
  2. Run the UR installer on the passive node(s)
  3. Failover the active node
  4. Run the UR installer on the now passive (before failover, active) node